What God Provides: June 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cooking Tips and Tricks

I love being in the kitchen and cooking, I served as therapy to walk that pots and pans between chopping onions and garlic and stir sauces. I know a lot of cooking and I'm still learning every day but there are certain things I try to remember tips, tricks, and tips for cooking, which are always very practical. Here I pass a few:

. If you always kick cod and complaints made ​​hard left cooking water a little baking and I will be very soft.

. If kicking smelling vegetables (cauliflower), check into the pan with a crust of bread and problem solved.

. When cooking fish: if the piece is great place it in cold water directly, if the pieces are small wait for the water is hot.

. Want to know if the oven is strong? Then place a sheet of paper or take a drop of water on the floor: the role roasted gout fast and evaporates if the oven is hot indeed.

. If you boil the potatoes in their skins and do not want it to break pour some vinegar to the water and go.

Well, these are little tricks and tips for cooking. Of course, there mucos more. Do you guys have any?