What God Provides: 10 Interesting Things about dreams

Friday, December 13, 2013

10 Interesting Things about dreams

 A mystery for those trying to decipher its meaning , for others a source of inspiration, but what is the truth behind them? Nobody knows for sure , however , we do know some interesting facts like these .

 1) We forget 90% of dreams
During the first 5 minutes and forget half in 10 minutes you can say goodbye to 40% of your dreams.
2) Blind people also dream
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If you saw some images after birth can see images , but if I was born are vivid dreams where I come into play sound, smell, touch and emotion.
3) Everyone dreams
Unless you suffer extreme psychological disorder , there is no point denying it because we all dream .
4) In our dreams we only see faces of people we've seen before.
How many faces have you seen ? Hundreds of thousands , and each and every one of them are registered in our brains that can be used as characters in our dreams.
5 ) Some people dream in black and white
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According to research 12% of people dream exclusively in black and white. Although before 1950 the percentages were totally different as most dreamed in black and white. The difference , the researchers suggest, has to do with the change from black and white film and TV to color media .
6) dominate the negative emotions
The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are more common than positive ones.
7) The animals also dream
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Studies have been done on different animals, and they all show the same brain waves during sleep than humans.
8) Body Paralysis
During a stage of sleep ( REM ) brain paralyzes the body in order to prevent movements in sleep the perform body.
9) Incorporation
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The sounds that occur around us while dreaming are integrated in a way to our dreams. For example , you may be dreaming that you are in a concert while your brother is playing a guitar during your sleep .
10) Men and women dream differently
Men tend to dream more about other men. About 70 % of the characters in a man 's dream are other men. On the other hand , a woman 's dream contains almost an equal number of men and women. Aside from that, men generally have more aggressive emotions in their dreams than women.

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