What God Provides: They steal your unborn baby

Friday, December 13, 2013

They steal your unborn baby

 During a business trip to England a pregnant Italian woman was admitted to the emergency room and that was where you extracted the baby by Caesarean section and taken away by social workers .
The woman, who can not be named for legal reasons, flew to England in July 2012 for a training course to England two weeks .

He suffered a panic attack when he could not find the passports of their two daughters, who were staying with his mother in Italy.

Why was stolen ?
She called the police . The officers spoke with a family and found that the woman had a condition "severe bipolar " and had not taken his medication.
Apparently the police told him that they were entering a hospital to make sure the baby was okay when the reality is admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
It is claimed that social services Essex obtained a High Court order for a cesarean section .
Later learned that the judge of the Supreme Court , had given permission for social workers to arrange for the child to be delivered .
The woman was escorted back to Italy without her baby.
Now the woman has resumed its treatment , and is in a legal fight to get her daughter. The Superior Court of Rome has expressed outrage at the treatment given to an Italian citizen . In addition it should never force a cesarean.

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