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Friday, December 13, 2013

Man proposed by the government of happiness

Recently, comedian and mayor of Reykjavik, Jón Gnarr , returned to politics to mock disguise jedi to vote. Groove , by absurd and eccentric as they seem, have helped revitalize a country hit by the crisis.

 Bring a polar bear to the zoo, give free towels at the pools and build a Disneyworld at the airport. With these and other proposals that violate promised , comedian Jón Gnarr got himself elected mayor of Reykjavík in 2010.

A year earlier he had created in BestiFlokkurinn joke ( the Best Party) to protest against bankers and politicians who had triggered the worst financial crisis. "I think I meet all the requirements : I worked many years in a mental hospital , almost complete a certificate to be captain of my license as small sailboats and I can drive a truck ," he announced when he launched his candidacy. Shortly thereafter put an ad in the newspaper saying, " The Best Game I want to know friendly people from 18 to 90 years." Also went to social networks adapted from the song Tina Turner, Simply the Best, the anthem of the campaign turned.

Between joke and jest , Gnarr popularity grew and in June of that year , accompanied by an unusual mix of punk rockers , poets and musicians, was sworn in as mayor of Reykjavík. To appease the conservatives, they said in his speech: " Nobody has to be afraid, as the Best Party was so named because it is the best match. If it were to be called the ' Worst Game ' or ' Bad Party .' " Then in his first week tried unsuccessfully to change the name of the city Gnarrenburg , in honor of a show he had starred .

But despite the mocking tone that has characterized the political career Gnarr behind some of his jokes there is a message . With the idea of ​​the polar bear, for example, the actor intended to draw attention to global warming and how the melting of the North Pole has contributed to that species have begun to appear in Iceland. He also insisted on the idea of ​​towels for the pools spa achieved their status under European standards and attract more tourists.

Gnarr born in Reykjavik , the northernmost capital in the world . As a child he suffered from dyslexia and attention deficit , so he had to spend his childhood from hospital to hospital . Since then spurned institutions and took refuge in reading and anarchist punk band Crass English .

At 13 he decided that the school could not teach him anything, and three years later left him to join the punk scene. Formed a group and even went on tour with the band of Björk , the most famous country singer. He later gained fame playing a neurotic Marxist in a Comedy Series .

As expected , Gnarr adopted alternative positions since becoming mayor. He recently came to the polls dressed as Obi -Wan Jedi , Star Wars , to vote for prime minister.

Also, on the Day of Gay Pride disguised as a transvestite , also has tattooed the arms of the city in one arm and often picks up litter on the street and then upload their findings to Facebook . But perhaps his greatest achievement is to have created Better Reykjavik , a virtual platform where people can participate directly in city politics and vote likes ( I love ) the best proposals.

A few months ago the mayor stated that it will re- launch by mid next year , for his true calling is comedy . However, he believes that is about to emerge a new wave of games that give priority to happiness and participation: " The Best Party is like the first mammal in a land of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs do not know that their time is up and the little creature , now hidden in a hollow , is the future. "

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